My Career


Over the period of time at the college in Weißenburg I did a lot of small creative tasks with the computer. The first contact I had to the 3D world was with the level editor of Quake 3 and some OpenSource programs.


Now I have studied Multimedia and Communications at the Ansbach University of Applied Sciences with an emphasis on media informatics and 3D for four years. At the beginning of my studies I had an increasing interest in web development. Accordingly I learned all the established web technologies and increased my knowledge in content management systems through a practical training at the One Advertising AG in Munich. After the training I stayed in touch with the One Advertising AG for one year as a working student. After this I developed websites in cooperation with Bonitographics and on a freelance basis regularly.

Further Development

I became immersed in 3D real-time environments about a year ago. In the past year I developed the technical basics of a 3D Fantasy Action Adventure named “Timekeepers”. The development of this game is still in progress. At the moment I am studying and developing a real-time crowd simulation for video games for my bachelor thesis, which is intended to be part of the “Timekeepers” game. More information about my bachelor thesis can be found in the news section.



Unity 2.61 Advanced
MAXON Cinema 4D 11.5 Advanced
Autodesk Motionbuilder 2010 Beginner
ssonTech SynthEyes 2008 Beginner
Adobe Flash CS3 Advanced
Adobe Premiere CS3 Advanced
Adobe Photoshop CS3 Advanced
Adobe Dreamweaver CS3 Advanced
CMS (TYPO3, WordPress) Advanced
E-Commerce (Magento) Beginner


HTML / CSS Expert
PHP / SQL Advanced
Actionscript Advanced
Typoscript Expert
Javascript / jQuery Advanced
C# Advanced
Java Beginner

Additional Knowledge

Motion Capturing Beginner
3D Scanning Beginner
HDRI Beginner