Bachelor Thesis Crowdsimulation

I have explored the basics of artificial intelligence since the past few months. My interest in this area has lead to the subject of my bachelor thesis at the highschool Ansbach. Now I research the aspects of creating believable behavior in a game crowdsimulation. This work will be done in the context of the game production “Timekeepers”.

At first I will try to do the trick using the established AI-methods. Those are a hierarchical state machine to control the reactive behavior, behavior trees to control the behavior according to a plan and pathfinding and steering algorithms for a believable movement through the virtual world. My creative and technical challenge is to develop a concept that combines all the theoretic aspects in a way that lead to the goal of believable behavior in the context of of the gamedesign.

Beside the theoretical planning of the concept I want to develop a prototype of the simulation which proofs the functional capability of my concept or which could uncover possible weaknesses of the simulation. The animations used by the project will be recorded in the motion capturing studio of the highschool Ansbach.

For the whole project I will use the following tools:

  • Gameengine: Unity
  • Modeling: MAXON Cinema 4D
  • Image Editing: Adobe Photoshop
  • Animation: Autodesk MotionBuilder
  • Programming: Microsoft Visual Studio


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