MoCap for the Crowdsimulation

In the past time I studied the workflow of recording, preparation and usage of motion capture data in the gameengine environment. Related to the planning and organisation of mocap-recordings this article seemed to me as the most informative as it covers the most subjects from conception up to working with actors.

At the moment I have to reduce the amount of necessary work for my bachelor thesis to get it finished soon enough. Because of that my last discovery came very situated.

The Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) hosts a big online MoCap database. The quality of the recordings mostly is really good.

I also found a version of this MoCap database that has been optimized for Motionbuilder on

After I had downloaded the files and tested some animations in Motionbuilder I had to find a way to optimize the animations for the gameengine:

That means:

  • positioning of the character on the origin
  • view of the character in negative z-direction
  • The movement of the hip-joint has to be fixed to the y-axis
  • The movement has to be cutted, so that it can be repeated in a cycle
  • The jitter between the last and the first frame has to be removed

For this requirements and a lot of more there is a very handy tool out there: bvhacker. Though its just for BVH-Files its exactly the right tool for the format I wanted to use.

After the loop has been created, the animation has to be allocated to the character. This is done fast now in Motionbuilder.

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